Thursday, 8 December 2011

ASSALAMUALAIKUM to all readers

here we go! a phrase that 'orang putih' always use when they want start something.. so let me start my greeting to you all reader with honorable, Assalamualaikum.. I'm i right in spelling that word??hee.. i don't have a long speech, so i don't want to annoyed anyone with my broken english.. :)
i put a sun flower  at the beginning of this entry is because im hoping that student who is taking MGT300 this semester will grab opportunity to learn something in this subject and can apply it when they in future career..especially class 4B!(hello guys..i'm aina). what is the 'kaitan' that flower with MGT300??
Meaning that flowers around us never  lost their opportunity to grab sunlight for their life. In other side, it's sound a bit related with why we should learn MGT300. Don't you?why not we try to consider that this kind of subject is so important for us in guarantee future career.. so let we dispose "take easy behavior" and change to more positive thingking.


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