Wednesday, 21 December 2011



TeAM objects to Computer Professionals Bill

PETALING JAYA: The Technopreneuers Association of Malaysia (TeAM) is the latest organisation to voice its disagreement with the proposed Computer Professionals Bill.
In a statement, TeAM president, Aziz Ismail said that although the association understands the objective to increase professionalism in the industry, the bill is not the answer. "TeAM supports the objective of upgrading the human capital of the ICT industry in Malaysia. However TeAM strongly disagrees with the implementation of the Computing Professionals 2011 bill," he said.
Echoing the views of the IT community, TeAM said that the bill is not only an unnecessary barrier for innovation and development of the industry but that it also does not take into account that IT cuts across various industries.
Another point stated that there is no need for a Malaysia-specific computing professional certification because there are numerous internationally recognised ones and that many terms in the bill will become obsolete as technology evolves rapidly.
TeAM also said ICT requires the involvement of talents from various skill sets and industries and ICT professionals are not restricted to people with a computing academic background only.
"This bill will contradict our efforts in making Malaysia one of the most innovative countries in the world," Aziz said.

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